Thomas Averin is a human being and a hands on art director who applies the timeless lessons of graphic design to print, moving, and interactive mediums.

What I do

Art Direction / Graphic Design / Print / Typography / Front End Dev / Motion & Video

My skill set focuses on the execution of utilitarian design values across as many platforms and places as I can possibly work in. I have executed across print, screens, video, animation, and beyond. Understating what makes effective design is the most important aspect of what I do. As the distinction between print and screen becomes more subtle, as our visual language continues to evolve with technology, it's the thoughtfulness of effective design that I will continue challenging myself with.

Let’s talk

I specialize in freelance and contract work both in-person and remotely. I am capable of working in a variety of settings and team scales, from large groups to individual clients. If you are interested in making some compelling design, please get in touch.

Thank You